Top 5 Graphic Design Trends of 2019. In 2018, trends like activism, augmented reality, and everything ultraviolet defined design. It was a great year, but we’re ready for what’s next. Here are our top most impactful graphic design trends of 2019.

3D design

After several years of designs being fabulously flat, there’s a new sheriff in town — 3D. Breathe life into your projects by embracing 3D design elements. For example, the almost-stick figure way of illustrating humans in flat design can take on 3D form and be featured both in graphics and as avatars or brand mascots.

Bringing your life to work in 3D allows you to recreate the world around you and to construct new environments and dimensions. Expect to see designers use 3D elements to enhance web pages and to create AR and VR experiences.

Author: Nadine Kolodziey – Project: The Undrawn Drawing Tour
Author: Manon Louart – Project: Mon Papi
Project: Nosense | Author: Roman Bratschi
Project: Proxima B | Author: Jerico Santander
Project: Free time | Author: Santi Zoraidez
Project: Hover | Author: BÜRO UFHO

The 3D trend also will expand into the world of typography, as new three-dimensional typefaces pop off the page and catch the eye. Search Adobe Fonts to find a 3D option for your next project.

Minimal meets BOLD color

The mantra “less is more” has dominated design in recent years. Expect this trend to continue in 2019 as clean, uncluttered visuals become even more necessary for viewing content on smaller screens like smartphones and tablets.

But like last year, there will be a few new twists – projects that pop with color are far from over.

Project: Super Gradient | Author: Song hojong
Project: J.Curl | Author: Erik Musin, Timofei Popandopulo, Aleksey Zadorozhnyi
Project: Sprinkle | Author: Nick Edlin
Project: O’care | Author: Nika Levitskaya

Designers will take advantage of 70’s inspired palettes with bright colors and gradients. These color combinations lend themselves well to smooth the duotones and fades.

You can experiment with color in Photoshop using tools like gradient fill for adding beautiful background depth and applying duotones effects to enhance images.

Realism and Flat design

Opposites do attract, and when they do, you open up a world with true dimension. The combination of flat and real-life objects will challenge the way we see design.

The chaotic mix of solids will take on a futuristic feel, as they often appear 3D. Flying and floating elements will add to this effect and the overall abstract aesthetic.

Project: Puma sneaker shop. | Author: Anton Mikhaltsov
Project: Adidas – Online Store | Author: Luke Pachytel
Project: Fish UI | Author: Vladimir Biondic

This look has made an early debut in fashion and editorial photography, which often combine digital 3D objects with traditional photo shoots. Expect to see this technique expand to mainstream advertising.

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